Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.I love this new business and at the same time as being excited as I am a new dad who has to work away from time to time, I feel nervous as I am not the best reader, especially when reading out aloud. I know for sure I will make mistakes and often stutter when feeling nervous. Will Stories4life editors be able to take out not only my mistakes, but the stuttering?

This is a very common worry among people, as most people find reading in their head different to reading out aloud. However, be rest assured, all mistakes and stuttering will be edited out. Stories4life staff have extensive experience in editing and Sound and Audio Skills. If or when you make a mistake, please leave it a few seconds then just repeat the same sentence again until you are happy with it. It really does not matter if you make the same mistake time after time. No one will ever notice any mistakes or stutters. Your story or poem will flow naturally with sound effects and music. You can listen to the audio example at the bottom of the home page. Click here for audio example >>>>>>

Q2.My son who is seven years old would love to record a story for his younger cousin who is crazy about dogs. He is dyslexic and finds reading sometimes challenging. Can I help him with the recording and my voice be taken out somehow?

Yes, this is not a problem at all. For dog lovers we have the perfect book which is beautifully illustrated, 'Buddy the Dog'. If you would like to read a line at a time or a couple of words, whatever best suits you both, then your son can repeat after you. (Just leave it a second or two before your son repeats what you have said). Then Stories4life editors will edit your voice out, ensuring the final version sounds natural and full of wonderful sound effects and music for his cousin to enjoy.

Q3.I have looked through the site, and I would love to do a poem for my wife. Will you be able to add music in the background and do I get a choice of card/paper it is printed on?

Yes, you get a choice of card/paper, handmade rose petal paper, plain white card or antique card.  Also you get the option of which font you would like for us to use. Please see on the home page, ‘The Luxury Gift Wrap / Product Slide show and the Poem tab, as you can view the different types of card/paper to print the poem. Also we have copyright permission to a variety of music and we select background music which is suited to the poem.

Q4.I am really excited and happy about this new service. My grandson lives three hours away, so I don't get to see him as often as I would like to. Can you confirm, that I select the script and do the recording? Your team edits my recording which is copied on a CD and my grandson receives the CD and the book?

With our main aim to keep loved ones closely connected, we can confirm that this is correct - your grandson will receive a Luxury Gift Wrapped Box, along with a CD and book.

Q5.Can I get the package sent directly to the person I am doing the recording for?

Yes.  At payment, you will be asked for shipping address and name.

Q6.Is there a limit on the length of recording for memoirs?

Yes, if you can keep the recoding to twenty minutes. We do not mind if you go slightly over. We do understand much of this will be talking and some parts (mistakes, stuttering, repeated sentences) you will not want in your final version. We will keep all natural laughing and stories in the final version. You will find that the actually final version maybe longer once edited with music.

Q7.I would like to do a recording of a short version of my daughters traveling adventures. Will we get anything other than the CD with the package?

Yes, we will print out the main facts on your chosen paper which you will select when purchasing this product. Please note, we will not be writing every word of the recording - It will be a display mounted paper/card with special facts recorded. For example "Firstly, I travelled in 2012 to Switzerland"

Q8.How long is the expected period of delivery after purchase?

The time for delivery, after we have received your recording, is between three to five working days. If this is a last minute gift then e-mail us at: and we will do our utmost to meet your request. Please note the delivery will cost more than usual as the gift will be posted for next day/express delivery.

Q9.I have created my own poem which consists of 15 lines, will this still be printed and mounted?

Yes, your created poem will be printed and mounted on your choice of font and card. We also offer for your poems and memoirs to be framed in our new 'shabby chic' frame at an extra cost. 

Q10.My best friend is getting married, and there is a group of us that are wanting to do a recording for her. Is there a limit on how many of us leave her a message?

No, there is no limit and we shall add certain music and if appropriate effects to go along with the recording. It will be edited and enhanced, mistakes taken out, yet we like to keep in natural laughter.

Q11.Do you offer birthday cards, or special occasion cards to buy on this site?

A11. Not at the moment – Yet, we are happy to announce that we have an artist that will creating cards for all occasions and this is coming very soon. We will announce this on our site when available to our customers.

Q12.I would like to know if there is a time limit on the recording for the Children’s stories? For example do I have to read the story in 10 minutes?

No, please be reassured that you can take your time and read the story without rushing. Also you will be leaving a personal message, and mistakes may happen, (which you will just repeat the sentence again until you are happy), so relax and enjoy without the pressure of timing.

Q13.I would like to record my grandparent’s life stories - their most memorable moments, events and journeys they have experienced. These are very special stories, so have you got a confidentiality policy?

We totally understand the nature of special stories, and can assure you that we have a strict confidentiality policy in place. Please see terms and conditions for more information. All editors are trained in the importance of confidentiality and have signed our confidentiality agreement before editing is started.