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Who Are We

Who Are We
Stories4life is a specialised company with a unique way of connecting people with loved ones through voice recognition that reaches out to everyone. We provide customers with personalised audio gifts for all occasions. The audio recording consists of a personal message from the customer - a poem, a story or memoir, all enhanced and edited by professional editors. All audio gifts are presented in a luxury gift box comprising the personalised company CD and the chosen book, or mounted poem on either handmade vintage rose petal or antique card.
Our Story

Michelle and Sharon co-founded Stories4life, both sharing the same passion and vision of keeping people connected with their loved ones. For more than a decade, they have worked with young children and adults, supporting them to maintain relationships with family and friends through learning days and educational activities. In addition, they have encouraged healthy relationships through literacy.

Both are professional editors with extensive experience in editing using sound and audio skills. To add to this, the co- founders have delivered recognised qualifications to young adults in this field.

Michelle and Sharon also have first-hand personal experience with caring for elderly loved ones with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other memory loss illnesses which has contributed to their passion and drive and their creation – that is ‘Stories4life’.

Our Dream

We want Stories4life to ‘make moments memorable’ for everyone, on any occasion. It is our aim to provide customers with a unique personalised gift that they can cherish for life. Our aspiration is to bring smiles and laughter to our customers through our product.

We want to offer our clientele the opportunity to enjoy and have fun experiences through our personalised gifts and share this globally with friends and families across the miles.

It is a big dream! - but we believe that by connecting people through ‘Stories4life’ we will achieve our dream for everyone, both near and far.

How Stories4life Works

How Stories4life Works

Customers record their voice for the chosen story, poem or memoir via our interactive website. Simply press the ‘record’ button and read your chosen script, then we will enhance the original voice recording using our expertise in sound and audio. We edit your message, making it unique, natural flowing, error free, and with exclusive sound effects and music to complement each individual recording.

The customer will receive a CD with a book, poem or memoir (life story) printed on the paper of your choice be it either antique or vintage handmade rose petal paper. This is gift wrapped in a luxury box for your loved one.

The thought of reading out aloud can be daunting to some people. The key thing to remember is that ‘You may not like the sound of your voice, but your loved ones do’. Also, please be assured your recording will be treated with confidentiality.

The majority of us find reading out loud quite difficult – we become self-conscious, maybe stutter and make mistakes. When this happens, simply repeat the sentence again until you are happy with it. Please rest assured, this is not an issue – ‘Stories4life’ editors use their expertise to edit out unwanted sounds or mistakes until they are happy with the final version.

If you are a non-reader, then using ‘Stories4life’ can help with confidence and literacy skills. It may help you to do your recording with a friend so that they can help to guide you through the process. ‘Stories4life’ editors will enhance the original recording, so your voice will be the only one on the recording. To listen to a guided recording, press play here.


The benefit of this service is that if you make several mistakes, the editors will work their magic, ensuring that the final version is error free and flows naturally.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step-by-Step Guide

We have provided a simple 3 step guide process on how to record your chosen story, poem or memoirs. The step-by-step guide is also available on the home page. Click here to go to home-page.

Step 1

  • Listen to and enjoy the audio example at the bottom of the web page to get an idea of how we work. 
  • Select a poem or story from the above categories. If you are recording your life story / memoir, maybe have it in front of you ready. Make sure you are sitting in a quiet room or place. 

Step 2

  • Once you have selected your script, add to the basket, complete personal details (including the address of where you would like the gift to be delivered to, and see terms and conditions) and make payment. You are asked to pay first due to copyright laws.

Step 3

  • Chosen script is uploaded with recorder. Press record and follow the steps on the script.
  • Whilst recording, mistakes may happen, please do not worry. Just repeat the same line until you are happy. Professional editors will edit out mistakes and unwanted sounds. Remember to leave a message to your friend / family.
  • If you are with someone who is a non-reader, simply get them to repeat after you and our editors will take out your voice, making the final version sound natural and alive.
  • Once you have finished your reading and message, press stop on recorder and send audio file by clicking on the link, ‘send file’.

To listen to the step by step guide, please click the play symbol on the home page.

Copyrights for Stories, Poems and Memoirs

Stories4life have been granted permission kindly to reproduce, with all rights reserved. A special thank you to Child’s Play (International) Ltd, Badger Learning and Poet Mr N. Gordon.

To avoid infringement on copyright laws, a payment has to be received prior to recording your chosen gift. Once you have made the payment, the full script with written instructions will be displayed on your screen along with the audio recorder. See Contact details for customer support if needed during the recording process. Click here to go to Contact Details.

Please note all recordings are strictly confidential and are not shared with any other person or third parties.

Contact Details

Contact Details

Customer service …

Please find the contact details below. We will respond to your enquiries with 24 hours. If it is urgent and is concerning the recording process please call the number provided below.

Telephone Number – 07791611306