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Cherish your love story for years and generations to come
Cherish your love story for years and generations to come
Save The Date Personalised Audio Gifts

Whilst writing this post, I am aware that every couple getting married has different priorities suiting their personal preferences.

Some couples like to focus mainly on the venue, the décor or the dress…other couples like to concentrate on the cake and the music for the celebration ahead.

This is great, because we wouldn’t want every wedding to be the same would we?

Here at Stories4life our mission is to make moments memorable. We do so many wonderful, exciting things in life, it would be sad to let those precious times fade wouldn’t it?

The recordings are created online at and it really is that easy! Stories4life specialist’s editors, edit all mistakes out and enhance the recording with wedding music and unique touches.

Each Personalised Audio Keepsake gift is complimentary gift wrapped-
Your guests will certainly remember the date, with ‘Save The Date’
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”There is no sweeter way than HEARING the wedding announcement of loved ones”


Tell your love story to your loved ones
Tell your love story to your loved ones
Family and friends listening to a save the date announcement!
Family and friends listening to a save the date announcement!

Why You Should Start Reading Bedtime Stories to Your Kids Tonight

Kids have shorter attention span nowadays. You can only let them do a certain task for a couple of minutes and then they’ll start being restless. Their imagination is not fully utilized if they are constantly glued on their gadgets. The only way to stimulate it is through reading. Here are the following advantages when you read bedtime stories to your kids:

It Improves the Imagination

Watching TV does not do much to stimulate your kids’ imagination. On the other hand, when you read to your kids, you are urging them to use their imagination to visualize the story.

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How You Can Help Improve Your Child’s Reading

Your child has the potential to succeed in life and in school with your help. One of the best ways to do that is to make sure their reading skills are developed at the earliest possible time. With well-developed reading skills, they can excel in other subjects in school including math, science, English, history, and geography. With excellent reading skills, word recognition and comprehension will be easy for them. Reading also makes them better writers as reading and writing are interdependent skills.

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How to Help Your Child Learn and Love to Read

Parental involvement in children’s reading is key to language and emergent literacy, according to a 1995 study by Bus, van Ijzendoorn & Pellegrini. This was also validated by a paper by Wade & Moore in 2000, reveals that babies who were introduced to books had an advantage over other kids throughout primary school. Additionally, reading plays a greater role in a child’s educational success than the family’s socio-economic status, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

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How Grandma’s Brain Benefits from Babysitting

Do you see your grandchildren on a regular basis? You should. Spending time with your grandchildren has considerable benefits to your brain, according to a study conducted by the Women’s Healthy Aging Project in Australia.

The study, published in October 2014 in the Menopause Journal, used three tests – memory, executive function, and processing speed – to find out how 186 women in the menopausal age are affected by spending time regularly with their grandchildren.

The study revealed that babysitting at least once a week has positive effects on the cognitive function of the grandmother’s brain. However, spending too much time could also backfire. One day of babysitting per week allows for optimal brain activity while 5 days per week of babysitting could lead to poorer processing speed skills and working memory.
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Ways of keeping the family tree alive – Memoirs

Ways of keeping the family tree alive – Memoirs


Recently, I have thought about how I can keep my family tree alive, so my children, grandchildren and extended family and friends can hear about my stories, life experiences and hopefully find some wisdom in my words to remember me by.

I believe my legacy is important for all those closely connected to me, in the past, present and future relationships. So, I’d thought, a personal memoir can be fun, therapeutic, and a valued treasure for my friends and family.

William Faulkner provides a simple explanation of how important memoirs are:

Memoirs – The Past is never dead, William Faulkner

Each relationship we maintain and build in our life is valuable and beautiful to share with loved ones and more importantly, provide them with a lasting memorable keep sake gift – Your own recorded memoirs, in your own words, in your own voice, in your own personal style.

  • Grandparents

Were you lucky enough to have grandparents, that you loved dearly tell you the same stories over and over again? At the time, you’re probably thinking to yourself, ‘here we go again!’ My grandad used to tell me the same stories, that admittedly made me smile every time. He used to say “Did I tell you about the day at the railway, when I..” before he could finish, I would say, “Yes, you have told me that one, granddad”, then we would laugh together.

What I would do to hear those stories being told by him again.  Jay Kesler puts my emotions in these lovely words:

“Young people need something stable to hang on to — a culture connection, a sense of their own past, a hope for their own future. Most of all, they need what grandparents can give them.” – Jay Kesler

  • Parents / Family Member

Are you ever intrigued about your parent’s childhood and life in general? Do you have times when you ask lots of questions, but then forget minor detail, for example where they grew up, what school they went to and how they met their life partner!

Wouldn’t it be just great to be able to hear these stories, anytime, anywhere and share them with your own loved ones?

Their stories might seem boring and rambling now, but some day when they’re gone you’re going to wish there was a way that you could relive these memories. You may even learn a few life lessons. – Stories4life (2016)

  • Children

Do you have children or nieces and nephews? Do you ever just think – ‘wow, where did time go?’ Children experience so many different adventures along their life journey – some will turn into distant memories, or even completely forgotten. Wouldn’t it be fantastic, to have these adventures recorded to remember always? Making moments memorable is a priceless gift in life.

  • Friends

Friendship is one of the most important relationships in life. If you are one of the lucky ones, who has had many experiences, adventures and travelled near and far, then it is just as important to keep these memories safe and alive!

When you have been traveling and visited all those amazing places, made friends and gained life experience, you want to recall the times over and over again. Yet, as time goes by, the years pass by, these travel stories, adventures talks become less and less often – soon becoming distant memories, sometimes even forgetting some places and happenings.

These exciting memories are not to be forgotten or misplaced in the memory bank – Stories4life can help you keep all those wonderful times alive…

By recording your own personalised memoirs. A keepsake gift for you and loved ones.

Memoirs Keepsake Gifts

  • How Stories4life Can Help You With Your Memoirs.

Stories4ife specialises in personalised, voice recordings via their online recorder. The recorder is on the website, simply select Memoirs, make payment and record your memoirs.

Stories4life professional editors clean up the original recording, taking away all mistakes and adding in music to enhance the recording. The finalised recording is placed on a Stories4life CD and is luxury gift-wrapped. Stories4life also send the MP3 Version (Optional) so you can listen to the memoirs on your phone device, iPod, or computer, car.

Stories4life believe in keeping your family tree alive! Keeping memories alive

  2. FAMILY RECORDING (Group recording)
  3. GUIDANCE RECORDING. – For example, if a child would like to record a part to add to the memoirs, they may need a bit of prompting – the child can repeat after the adult and the Stories4life editors will edit out the guides voice.
  4. GIFT VOUCHER – Do you have a friend who has been traveling? What better gift, than a chance to record all of those magical moments.

Someone’s special birthday? Give them a gift of a lifetime – A recording experience, they will never forget – a keepsake gift for life.

“My dad recorded his timeline – Memoirs, using Stories4life. The editors at Stories4life did an amazing job. I can honestly say, it is the most thoughtful, meaningful gift I have ever received. I know will always be able to hear my dad, anytime, anywhere” , (Sam Johnson 2016).

Reading someone’s memoirs is good

Listening to someone’s memoirs is special

It feels real, as if you are sitting there with them

Living their dream or experience with them.

Record a Memoir – make your moments memorable


Luxury Gift Wrapped


Why Reading aloud is so important for children

Life is just too busy a lot of the time. We’ve got the children to look after, cleaning up to do and there always seems to be work to do. With busy schedules finding the time to read to our children every day can be a bit of a struggle. Today we’re going to look at the benefits of reading aloud to your children.


We all want to develop close bonds with our children and reading to them is one of the best ways to build this bond. Children grow up too fast, as the old adage goes, and settling down with a book is the ideal way to develop a close relationship.

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Adoption – How Stories4life Can Help You Through The Process

Stories4life Ltd has been created specifically to help people create memories that will be long lasting, and especially focuses on special moments and occasions. Stories4life can assist children and adoptive families as well as organisations like the Adoption and Fostering Services in providing a service to cater for all situations. We provide personalised audio books for babies, toddlers, older children and also adults. Stories4life creates the perfect stepping stone in assisting individuals in expressing their own story/poetry/messages that are recorded via online voice recorded service.

Adoption of a child is an important decision to make especially for the child but also a life changing experience for an adoptive parent. For some children, foster carers are the first safe, nurturing adults they have encountered. Leaving their care can arouse feelings of rejection and further traumas, so it is vitally important that children are prepared positively and age appropriately for a move to adoption. Recognising it can be hard for adults around the child to sometimes accept and recognise these feelings of loss and ambivalence, Stores4life can assist foster carers and children to make this journey a little easier. Storie4life have just the resources to help children understand their plans through age appropriate stories told to them. The audio books can be designed specifically around the child’s age, understanding and interests. They can be given information via these audio books in a more relaxed way about the concept of permanent families using key words and can be told by their foster carers, social workers and sometimes even their birth family.

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Parents Returning to Work after Maternity – Keeping loved ones closely connected

2015-05-04 23.07.2220150708_122205-1

1. How to reduce anxiety after maternity leave ends

Stories4life worked with a mum returning back to work after she spent her first year with her daughter from birth. The (customer), mum was anxious about leaving her daughter for the first time in 12 months with the new child minder/nanny because she had to return to work and her husband was working full-time already. Even though she knew that her daughter was going to be in extremely good hands! The customer purchased ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ nursery rhyme and recorded it online our recorder at the comfort of her home. She recorded her daughter a special message at the beginning and at the end of the rhyme.

2. How stories4life help reduce anxiety for new parents

Stories4life edited the rhyme with special sound effects and music, taking out all the mistakes, and providing a very special gift for the daughter, leaving the mum feeling less anxious. The customer stated she was pleased on her first day at work, knowing that her daughter will be listening to her own voice during the day, keeping the bond strong between the daughter and mum, yet able to go to work feeling less guilt and anxious.

3. Making moments memorable and strengthening parent & child bond after maternity leave ends.

The customer contacted us to say thank you for the beautiful luxury gift wrapped CD and Twinkle rhyme board book that the child minder played to her daughter whilst she was at work. Stories4life are very pleased that the gift helped maintain important parental bonds. The child minder said her daughter was clearing enjoying the recording, lots of giggles and moving with the music! Continue reading Parents Returning to Work after Maternity – Keeping loved ones closely connected