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Welcome to Stories 4 Life - Personalised Keepsake Gifts

Stories4life's mission is to 'Make Moments Memorable' for all ages and all occasions. Stories 4 life create online personalised keepsake gifts & story books using your audio recordings to provide a unique way of keeping loved ones connected. Record your chosen audio keep sake gift via Stories4life audio recorder, select a short story / poem or memoir from our selection of products and our professional editors will use their expertise to enhance and edit your recording. Our personalised audio short stories, really are stories for life. It is our vision to bring smiles, laughter and love to your family and friends lives through our product. For more information on instructions for the recording process, please follow the guidance on step one, step two and step three. In addition we offer audio support.
Important Information - Recording available on all PCs, Windows, Laptops and MAC computer devices. If you wish to record memoirs or your own story/poem, Mobile and Ipad device recordings can be e-mailed to Stories4life.
To Listen to a recorded story, scroll down to the bottom of the page. There is a BEFORE audio (Original recording)  and an AFTER audio (Edited version).  Listen and Enjoy! 
©Reproduced by kind permission of Child's play, Badger Learning, N.Gordon, Building Memories, Laura Edmonds. All rights reserved.
Audio example, listen and enjoy




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